Vote Lynda Warner for Carroll ISD Board Trustee.  Lynda will work with our community and our board to identify and implement programs to continue our Tradition of Academic Excellence for All Dragons!

Proud of the Tradition, Focused on the Future


There are many concerns facing CISD, however, there are three things that require top priority, and are the cornerstones of my platform.


COVID Catch up

  • Create a plan to regain any setbacks that the students have encountered as result the altered education system during COVID.

  • Bridging any gaps - academic, social and/or emotional - facing all students.  This pandemic has had an impact on DVA, F2F and Special Needs students.  All Dragons are our concern. 

  • Provide support to CISD teachers, nurses, counselors, professional and non-professional staff members.


Expanding our educational offering to provide enrichment for ALL Dragons

  • Foster a culture of encouragement and inclusion by offering access to robotics, coding, etc for all Dragons, not just GT.

  • Reinstate foreign language classes at the Elementary level

  • Strengthen our programs for Special Needs students 

  • Expand STEM to STEAM

  • Expand on the success of Carroll Medical Academy with other offerings – Business, Arts, etc.


Raising funds to combat Robinhood with NO TAX INCREASES

  • Work in conjunction with the administration, CEF, and other groups to create new fund raising concepts

  • Meet with other Districts that have successfully raised money to fund teachers and classroom needs.

  • Find a way to fundraise as a District, not as individual groups.



Early Voting: April 19-27


Election Day: May 1st


I am a 23 year resident of Southlake with a full time passion for Dragons, I am not and will never be a politician.

19 years of Continuous Service to Dragons, teachers and CISD

 A proven Consensus Driven Leader, formally trained in study of human behavior in organizations and applying this knowledge to the solution of organizational problems

 A Strong Fiscal Conservative who will help CISD to establish strong partnerships to fund future programs

Want to help Lynda? 
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Lynda Warner for Carroll ISD Board Trustee