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Caroline Garcia
Southlake Carroll Class of 2017

I have known Mrs. Warner for ten years now through my friendship with her daughters and her involvement in numerous community activities. Mrs. Warner always been active and ready to volunteer her time and I know how much she values hard work, effective communication, and empathy. She has the amazing talent of being able to look at things objectively in order to make decisions that will benefit the most people in the best possible ways. I have no doubt that Mrs. Warner will represent and serve Carroll ISD in a ways that will benefit all Dragons.


David Walker
Percussion Director - CISD & Director of Indoor Percussion

“Lynda may very well be the best advocate for students and their experiences I have ever met. Her enthusiasm is easily matched by her follow-through in ensuring the students come first, by giving the staff the irreplaceable support they need. There is no doubt that she would make an indelibly positive impact on the school board, as well as the community of Southlake.”

Hannah Chernik
Southlake Carroll Class of 2017

Mrs. Warner has a heart for serving our community and education system. Her commitment to excellence and supporting CISD is what we need on the school board. Mrs. Warner leads with grace and experience striving to better the future of CISD and our students. I can think of no better person for this position and I am confident Mrs. Warner will work with and for the community as a whole!

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Saleem Mithwani

"Lynda, this is awesome! I’m so glad you will be contesting. Your experience and approach to resolving issues is exactly what we need right now! Wish you all the best!!!"

Sarah Mason

"So excited to vote for someone who has been continuously involved and knowledgeable about our schools and community ! You will be a great asset to our district, and your track record of service and volunteerism will be showcased for all to see!'

Roni Townson

"Lynda is one of my oldest friends.  She is passionate about kids, education and making a difference. She's simply amazing!  The fact that she no longer has kids in CISD and is willing to give her time means she has the time, interest and unbiased."

Eric Chernik

"You’ll be awesome. Such great experiences and passion to do the right things by the students, the teachers, the administration and the community. A home run coming (or should I say Touchdown)"

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Trish Mckeel

Former Assistant Principal Eubanks Intermediate School

Lynda Warner worked tirelessly in several volunteer roles to help take care of our kids, staff, and parents.  She has always shown such devotion to for kids as well as our staff.
She is levelheaded, positive, and supportive.
As a resident of Southlake, I am very happy that she is running for school board. 

Joseph Yglesias

Former Water Polo Coach, Carroll Senior High School

I had the pleasure of working with Lynda Warner. During that time, the water polo club was going through a significant expansion, and as a new coach I needed quite a bit of help. Of all the parents who volunteered to help the club, few were more dedicated to the goal of ensuring that our athletes had the best experience possible. I cannot think of anyone who would be a better advocate for the current and future students of the Carroll ISD.

Lucy Drenka
Retired CISD Librarian

I was fortunate enough to have met Lynda while I served as the school librarian at Eubanks Intermediate School for 18 years. . Lynda cultivated great rapport with our students and her passion for children made her an outstanding volunteer. It is a privilege to recommend Lynda Warner for the Carroll ISD school board. I am confident that she will be a dynamic leader that will continue to support and enhance the standard of excellence in the Carroll School District.

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Ashley & Scott N.
Southlake Residents

As Southlake residents since 2006 and proud parents of two Carroll graduates, my wife and I have a privilege of knowing Lynda and the Warner family.  We have seen her involvement in numerous activities and projects throughout Carroll district.  

Her dedication, positive attitude, and commitment speak volumes of her outstanding performances for CISD community.  Lynda’s approach is students first, and a true advocate for them.

If elected, she will work tirelessly to have the necessary resources for students and teachers striving and achieving educational standards of excellence.  We’re certain that she would be a perfect person to serve on the school board. 

Phil Petescia
Southlake Resident

We moved our family to Southlake 5 years ago, just in time for our freshmen twins to join the Carroll Dragon Band. Lynda welcomed my wife Joy and I in the band parent sections of our first Dragon football game. It didn't take long for Lynda to have a lanyard around my neck, pushing props out onto the field.


Lynda made sure we not only knew how to join her as a volunteer, but guided us to the proper paths where we spent the next 4 years moving props, loading trucks, chaperoning buses, parking cars, feeding band members and fundraising.

Lynda's bias towards service was infectious and uncompromising. That is why we are supporting her for Carroll ISD School Board. With Pride!

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Marcy McTaggert
Southlake Resident

Lynda was the first person I met when we moved here 20 years ago, so I have watched her make things happen and bring people together for that long, through many phases of life.  Whether organizing neighborhood social gatherings, hosting Christmas Eve for those without extended family in town, running a regional Band competition and developing new fundraising revenue streams for the Band Boosters, or chairing the GRACE Gala, Lynda sees a need and immediately works to fill it, always in a joyful, fun, positive way.  She is exactly the hard-working, forward-thinking breath of fresh air our community needs right now!