Lynda Warner for CISD

Proud of the Tradition, Focused on the Future

My education has prepared me to be an effective School Board Trustee.  My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in General Science from Pace University in NYC. 

My post graduate degree is a Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O) from CUNY, Baruch.  My Master’s thesis was “Factors that Influence High Level Decision Making.


I/O Psychologists work in the areas of education, business, industry, consulting, government, and health.  Their areas of expertise include:

    •      Job analysis and competency modeling

    •      Recruiting, selection, and job placement

    •      Personnel training

    •      Coaching and development

    •      Leadership development

    •      Organizational change

    •      Managerial assessment

    •      Human relations

    •      Performance evaluation

    •      Psychological testing and standardized tests (SAT, ACT, etc.)

    •      Career development


I’ve worked with such prestigious firms as:

First Investors Corporation (Trainer), Pace University (Financial Aid Couselor), Boehringer Ingelheim (Salesperson and Trainer), Urocor (Director of Sales Training) LEAR Corporation (Owner – Sales Training and Organizational Change)


Education and work experience are important but one of the key elements of being a successful School Board Trustee is to have a strong understanding of and relationship with the various schools, teachers and administrators.  Having ushered two students through the CISD from K-12, I’ve had the opportunity to see the needs of our students and teachers from the inside. 


I’ve been a classroom volunteer at all levels from Elementary through High School.  As a classroom volunteer, you have an opportunity to see the students in action and hear directly from the teachers what they need to be successful. 


Outside of the classroom, I’ve also played a significant role in fundraising and coordinating activities and interstate competitions for Emerald Belles, Water Polo, and Band.


The ability to keep learning is a gift. Participating in and learning from these classes has helped me to stay on top of the latest trends in social engagement and fundraising




  • Digital Media Engagement and Crowd Sourcing, 2020

  • Using Social Media to Engage your Supporters, 2019

  • Putting Together your Digital Marketing Campaign, 2018

  • EEOC, 2020

  • Motivating your Board, 2020

  • Non Profit Financials, 2020

  • Grant Readiness, 2020

  • Diversity in Your Board, 2020


  • How to Lead Through Diversity and Inclusivity, 2020

  • Special Needs-IEP, 2020

  • Intro to Non Profit Governance: 101, 2020

Vote Lynda Warner for Carroll ISD Board Trustee.  Lynda will work with our community and our board to identify and implement programs to continue our Tradition of Academic Excellence for All Dragons!